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DJ Zinc Fence hosts Catch A Fire at Brixton's Ritzy Cinema, on the first Sunday every month. 
The best in reggae music on the decks with the best live acts. Admission free, 8 pm-Midnight

Sunday 4th August 2013: Joe Angel & The Padmozi Band
Sunday 1st September 2013: Sidewalk Doctors
Sunday 6th October
2013: El Fata & The Victorious Band
Sunday 3rd November
2013: The Emetarians
Sunday 1st December
2013: Hayereyah & The Human Bridge Band
Sunday 5th January 2014: Skillosophi
Sunday 2nd February 2014: Chicken Wing All Stars
Sunday 2nd March 2014: Borderline Band with Cris I
Sunday 6th April 2014: Kalichakra

Upstairs At The Ritzy, Ritzy Cinema, Brixton Oval, London SW2 1JG. Brixton BR & underground, 200 yards.

Beth Lesser's King Jammy's, the classic account of Jamaica's dancehall revolution, now reissued.  
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Brixton, long synonymous with Britain's black community, is changing fast. But is the black community being left out?

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 Tradition Records For the very best in Jamaican music in original pre release format from the Sixties to the 21st century, check Tradition Records by phone or fax on (UK) 01159609622 or at PO Box 7728 Nottingham NG3 5WP, UK.


Exclusive interview with Perry Henzell, director of legendary Jamaican movie The Harder They Come


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