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Background on my self Dave
I was born in St Catherine Jamaica Aug 62, came to Canada sept 73 and while attending school in 1980 I started listening & collecting sound cassettes like Streophonic/Virgo, Gemini and other sounds. Dec 80 I collect my first Jah Love cassettes and love how ILawi select and brigadier dj. They were the best combination as selector and dj around at that time. Over the years my Jah Love cassettes collection grew to 380. I have about 4,000 tape in my collection from King Tubbys, Papa Roots, Sturgav, Jaro, Virgo, Jack Ruby and many other sounds. I met Brigadier Jerry in Aug 82, I Lawi March 94, Shabba Ranks 87,92,95. Jaro's selector Rickey Trooper in july 96,97.and few others.
If anyone wants to contact me please do so, I am looking for other collector out there.I do not sell tapes I trade.

one love
D Brown July 18/99

Date: Saturday June 19/99 written by Dave Brown Canadian Foundation Dancehall Collector
Jah Love Muzik in Toronto MAY 29,1999 email address <>
JahLove Muzik in Toronto Canada 29 May 99
Jah Love Muzik the world best culture sound return to Toronto saturday 29 May 99 the last time they were here was March 94 and they rock the place down. They also played in Montreal too. This time around they did not rock the place down but the dance was still cool. Soul to Soul sound Toronto number one sound did some early juggling and did a great job. it was 1:30 Jah Love Crew took over, Belcher the owner of JL select some nice tunes but at minutes after two the main dee jay did not hold the mike yet. and just as they were to a Canadian artist was nicing up the dance with some original lyrics was great but wrong timing--- so briggy had to back off until the singer was finish it was minutes to three then. Brigadier Jerry was ok not great this night. I had to say Josey Wales was the better dee jay this time around. he told his jokes and got some fans to chuss-- blood cloth that his new lyrics, he also did do you want to funk with me and other lyrics. What about Jeremiah he was ok holding his own but the croud boll out for star time They wanted Briggy not much folks said they wanted Josey, Most fans wanted to see Chaplin & Briggy work together ,you will not here any slackness or rude jokes maybe next time was 3 :50 am when I left the dance and it went on for another hour and half and that was it. They played Sunday night but I did not get any words on how that went.

feedback Now The promoter should have chosen King sturgav sound this time around in Toronto why because he would have made more money, King sturgav is hot right now they just completed touring the USA places like Philly, Boston, Hartford CT,NY Washington DC, Florida on 7 may 99 and they will be back in the big apple June 26. Jah Love is not too hot right now.

The artist came on much too late at 2 :20am dance hall fans paid their $ 30 CANADIAN DOLLARS and had to wait too long for the main acts at midnight the Jah Love crew should have been juggling some music. One good thing about the dance it might have been record on dat tape for radio broadcast this coming Saturday night. Killamanjaro with Trooper came to Toronto with the foundation artist in summer of 96 and the dance was Ram Jam with Josey sister Nancy & Briggy that dance was by far the best foundation dance that came to Toronto.

King SturGav Sound was on tour in USA early part of this year they played in Philly, Boston,Hartford,Washington. and 26 june they will be back in New York. Inspector willie the once great sellector on Sturgav sound got fired last sept. Now The world most Famous selector Danny Dread and Jah Screw was selecting the sound for a while till they left or got kick off by sound owner UROY--- Now ILawi of JL sound is the new selector on SturGav from Jan 99.

King SturGav played in Japan this for three days 11,12,13 of June ILawi the selector URoy, Chaplin nice up Japan
no time to rest for the crew they played in Brooklyn New York 26 June. the dance was great but Josey and Uroy exchange words and Josey said he will not dj on King stur gav sound any more. I think Josey will be back.The sound played the early part of July.Dennis Brown was layed to rest at National Heroes saturday July 17 Park. King SturGav will be playing in tribute to Dennis Brown on Orange Street sunday July 18/99.

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